Freeing HK《逃出香港!》全新5D體驗逃出密室

相信各位早已聽過《逃出香港!》, 密室遊戲已成為城中年輕人話題,至今已經吸引不少年青人化身為金田一在密室中解謎、逃脫。繼旺角主店後,密室再下一城,增設銅鑼灣旗艦店及尖沙咀分店。全新密室不但面積更大,亦提供五個嶄新「5D體驗逃出密室」-享受多重感官刺激!

Freeing Hong Kong should be well known to most of Hong Kong citizen, especially for youngsters. Thousands in Hong Kong took part in this escape game that challenges teams to break free from sticky situations by solving puzzles, sussing-out clues and breaking codes. A flagship shop and a new branch were established in Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui respectively. Five new games are provided with better facilities in the flagship shop, giving you a multi-sensation experience.



Freeing Hong Kong, a real-life room escape game with 5D experience, are founded by four ambitious young people since half a year ago.  Instant Wan, one of the founders and owners of Freeing Hong Kong, is a member of high-IQ society Mensa. Freeing Hong Kong is expected to be a local form of entertainment that belongs to the people of Hong Kong.



New themes are invented in Causeway Bay flagship. Movie scenes are not fantasies anymore and players can experience that in their real life, such as escaping from a shaking airplane with burning smell.

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One recommendation for players is that don’t underestimate this escape game as real escapades are a lot harder than the virtual ones. The successful rate remains from 10% to 50%. You have to pay attention to all clues within 45 minutes in order to get out.



Freeing Hong Kong is now escaping from Hong Kong! The founders plan to expand to Macau in May, as well as in Malaysia and Singapore in the future by operating in franchise chain.


分店地址 Address:


Mongkok: 4/F, Pakpolee Commercial Center, Sai Yeung Choi St S 1A – 1K


Tsimshatsui: 3/F, Kundamal House, 4 Prat Avenue


Causeway Bay: 10/F, Richmond Plaza, 496 Jaffe Road


Fee: From HK$98 to $128 (depends on different section)

網址 website:


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